WordPress London Meetup – June.

We’re talking workflows with Page Builders and ORM frameworks at the June WordPress London Meetup!  

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The Role of Page Builders for Developers

Are custom page templates and shortcodes offering our clients and users the best content publishing experience? In this talk, I’ll explore how and why page builders might now be a staple in a WordPress developer’s toolkit.

Presented by Doug Belchamber. Doug is a WordPress developer based in South London, who’s terrible at talking about himself in the 3rd person. He runs Smarter Digital, a small WordPress development company, Fuelled as a freelance technical marketer and blogs infrequently at WP Developers.  Follow him @db_smarter.


A new slot in the #wpldn event. An open discussion on the latest from WordPress. We’ll be kicking off with Todd Halfpenny running through what we can expect in the upcoming 4.8 update, then it’s over to you. 

WP_Model, synthetic ORM for WordPress (Part 1)

I have made an ORM for WordPress. Before you roll your eyes at that statement I have built it specifically for WP-based MVPs. Having built lots of MVPs on WordPress for cash-strapped startups this simple class has made WordPress it easier than ever to make complex apps in days using WP. https://github.com/anthonybudd/WP_Model.

Anthony will be doing Part 2, taking a deeper dive into the technical aspects, at wp_hooked.

Presented by Anthony Budd. Anthony is a PHP and WP expert with over 5 years of experience developing websites and apps for all kinds of clients from non-profits, to startups to Fortune 500 companies.  Follow him @anthonybudd

Running Order (STC):

18:30 – Arrive for networking and refreshments
19:00 – Opening remarks 
19:10 – First speaker
 – Doug Belchamber
19:45 – wp_update_post 
20:05 – Break 
20:15 – Second speaker – Anthony Budd
20:50 – Closing remarks
21:00 – Social 

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The WordPress London meetup is supported by a team of volunteers: Annabelle, Dan and Gary.  

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Thanks from #wpldn May 2017

Let’s start by first thanking Annabelle, JJ and Louise for the great lineup of varied talks at the WordPress London Meetup last night.

It was another busy #wpldn with the events first all female line of speakers.  We felt it was important to make this recognition but also be clear that the fact that these individuals are female is not their defining character.  They are all individually talented in their own fields of expertise.

The WordPress community is a wide and diverse mix of people and at #wpldn we take pride in hearing the voice of this community.  Often for the first time.

Annabelle’s Talk

This was only the second time Annabelle Woodger had attended a #wpldn event and there she was front and centre sharing her knowledge with the group.  Not only was she able to share some great advice on how to start contributing to WordPress, by getting involved in the translation of core, themes and plugins but she also stepped up to the call to become part of the organisational team.  So please join us in saying a big hello and thank you!

Annabelle Woodger

JJ’s Talk

Next up JJ Jay brought her unique insight into managing online communities and provided us with valuable lessons learned on dealing with people that actually use our websites.  She shared her experience as a Community Manager at mumsnet and walked us through some of the trickier sides to supporting our users.  She closed off with a quote from the post If Your Website’s Full of A__holes, It’s Your Fault 

“And if you have the power to fix it and don’t do something about it, you’re one of them.”

JJ Jay

Louise’s Talk

Our third speaker of the night was Louise Towler from Indigo Tree talking us through the journey from freelancer to WordPress agency.  Louise covered a lot of ground, talking about the challenges of taking the business from an individual setup as a sole trader to a limited company responsible for employing full-time, office based staff.  We heard about her networking efforts (this was her 6th event this week!), how the team managed it’s leads and some of the tools used to ensure their high focus on customer service generates repeat business.

If you missed this months WordPress London Meetup then you can catch up in the #wpldn Facebook Group.  Big thanks to Todd Halfpenny who live streamed the talks for us.

Louise Towler

Join The #wpldn Team

The organisational team at #wpldn is growing, would you like to be part of it?  We’re looking for people that want to help grow this event, can you dedicate a few hours a month to the community?  Areas that we’re particularly interested in growing currently are our video and photographic content.  We’re also looking for a designer to get involved.  Would you like your name/company associated with the new #wpldn website?  Want your name linked to the birth of the #wpldn Wapuu?  Give us a shout and let’s chat, we’re a friendly bunch looking for enthusiastic, community focused people.

Become a #wpldn Supporter

We’re also growing our sponsorship opportunities.  We’re looking for local, national and international companies to join our team of long term supporters SiteGround and WP Engine.  If you’d like the opportunity to get some exposure to our wide network of WordPress developers, designers, business owners and users, then please contact us for more details.

Call for #wpldn Speakers

Finally; we all some level of knowledge that is greater than others, we may not always think it but we do.  The WordPress London Meetup is a great opportunity to share that knowledge and use as a platform to be seen.  If you have a talk you’d like to share or and idea for a group discussion then please get in contact.

We’re proud that #wpldn is for the community, by the community.

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WordPress London Meetup – May.

The #WomenInTech are taking the lead at this months WordPress London Meetup.  

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We’re in a new room this month. A130, in the College Building. Access it from the main road, St John Street:


Intro to GlotPress and Translating into British English (en_GB)

In this bite-sized talk, we’ll be going over GlotPress, the plugin used to translate WordPress, exploring what it is and how it can be used for collaborative translation. There will also be a live demonstration of GlotPress, translating a few strings into en_GB (perhaps strings from a plugin/theme developed by an attendee!)

Presented by Annabelle Woodger. Annabelle is a relative newcomer to the WordPress community, but since discovering how welcoming it is, she hasn’t looked back! She originally began translating WordPress into en_GB back in September 2016, quickly demonstrating her abilities and impressing the existing GTE team, becoming a General Translation Editor that same month. A huge language nerd, she is currently learning Japanese (having passed the JLPT N5 in Dec 2016, now working towards N4 for Dec 2017), and reading as much as she can on linguistics and poetry. When not doing language-based activities, you can find her doing photography, being passionate about disability rights, and babbling excitedly about unicorns on Twitter. Follow her @yayannabelle.


Tech support and community management: dealing with the people who use your website.

Communities — from close knit bands of commenters to busy international forums — are fun and engaging but the issues members have with the site and with each other require ongoing attention. In this talk, JJ will discuss the unexpected benefits of hands on tech support, advocate for prioritising interactions with members during the design and development phases and explain her approach to sticky interpersonal situations, including the dark side of empathy and how far to go for the greater good.  

Presented by JJ Jay.  JJ got her start in tech support and community management working for Mumsnet and now does those things for brand sites she’s developed for clients. People ask her for advice on how to approach tricky emails more than she ever expected.Follow her @tharsheblows.


Journey from Freelancer to Agency

Who has helped us along the way.  What tools we now use to manage the business. 

Presented by Louise Towler. Louise has been building websites for over fifteen years and enjoys helping businesses and organisations make the most of their online web presence and deliver a return on their investment. She started freelancing from her spare room and now runs Indigo Tree with seven employees. Follow her @IndigoTreeSays


Running Order (STC):

18:30 – Arrive for networking and refreshments
19:00 – Opening remarks 
19:10 – First speaker – Annabelle Woodger
19:25 – Second speaker – JJ Jay
20:00 – Break 
20:15 – Third speaker  – Louise Towler
20:50 – Closing remarks
21:00 – Social 

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WordPress London Meetup – April.

We’re going large this month at the April WordPress London Meetup!  

You’ll also get another chance to win a Beaver Builder Pro licence this month.

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Let’s do an accessibility audit of wpldn.uk together!

Following on from last month’s talks regarding why accessible websites are a must, it’s worth knowing how to do a technical accessibility audit. Given the time constraints, this session will be a high level audit and what better example to use than the WPLDN website! 

Presented by Gary Jones. Gary is based in Basingstoke in the UK. He leads Gamajo, a small virtual agency creating technical WordPress solutions for businesses, including integrations with their business-critical systems. He’s worked on projects for SiteGround, Yoast, StudioPress, Daniels Trading, Rolls-Royce and many smaller design and development agencies and individuals. He’s a contributor to the Genesis Framework, WordPress core and many open source projects. He is a co-host of the UK Genesis podcast, a General Translation Editor for the British English locale in WordPress, an organiser for WordCamp London and a co-organiser for the WordPress London meetup. He is a father of five year old twins, and his background is teaching in schools and prisons. Follow him @GaryJ.

WordPress at the United Nations.

“WordPress at the United Nations” is about my experience doing WordPress consulting at the United Nations Head Quarters in Manhattan, New York.

The UN is a rather interesting organisation in how it uses platforms like WordPress and Drupal so I’d love to share my experiences with the WordPress community.

Presented by Wasim Juned.  Wasim founded his company during the dotcom boom to help businesses with web and mobile systems. 

Since then he’s worked on projects for organisations such as: 

• United Nations


• World Gold Council and SPDR Gold Shares

• Fotango (later bought by Canon Europe)

• Arcadia 

For more information see http://www.linkedin.com/in/wasimjunedand http://www.juned.com/  Follow him @wasimjuned

More speakers to be announced soon.

Running Order (STC):

18:30 – Arrive for networking and refreshments
19:00 – Opening remarks 
19:10 – Plugins Uncovered
19:25 – First speaker
20:00 – Break 
20:15 – Second speaker 
20:50 – Closing remarks
21:00 – Social 

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WordPress London Meetup – March.

If you’ve come away from the excellent WordCamp London this weekend wanting more…then you’re in luck!

The team at Beaver Builder have given us a Pro licence for one of the attendees at #wpldn to win this month. 

Missed a #wpldn recently?  Catch up at wpldn.uk

Plugins Uncovered.

We all have our favourite go-to plugins, often using them repeatedly on our client projects.  We may have plugins we’ve used for years, or sometimes we come across handy plugins by chance. 

Let’s spread the word about these great little plugins available to us.  Let’s find those hero plugins that will get us hooked! 

In this session, Mike Pead will demonstrate two plugins he regularly uses, which are useful for all levels of abilities.  He’ll also open the session to the floor, so if you have any favourite plugins that could be useful to others, please share your suggestions!

Presented by Mike Pead.  Mike runs Primary Image, based in Westcliff-on-Sea in Essex, and designs, supports and hosts WordPress websites for clients.  Primary Image specialises in the transport sector, with Mike creating websites for Transport for London, National Express and Network Rail, amongst many others.  Follow him @primaryimage

#A11Y and How to Sell it to a Client.

We have all heard the term #A11Y and know we should be doing something about it, but how and why?  In this talk Mik will explain the reason why it is so vital for all working it the field of WordPress to ensure their output is accessible.  But more importantly he will explain how to sell this to potential clients, and why it is so vital for them to invest in #A11Y.

Presented by Mik Scarlet.  With over 30 years in the media Mik was one of the first well known disabled people to appear on TV in the UK, working on shows such as Beat That, From The Edge, The Travel Show, BBC News and C5 News.  Alongside his media career he is one of the UK’s leading access and inclusion experts.  He advises major companies and government bodies on how to create and maintain systems that ensure disabled people, and all other protected characteristics as described by the Equality Act 2010, are fully included in society.  Follow him @MikScarlet

The Themers Guide to WP-CLI.

WP-CLI is a useful tool for automating tasks and optimising developer workflow in WordPress. WP-CLI is commonly used for maintenance and can be put to good use in the initial site build process. Learn how WP-CLI can help improve your themeing process and make it faster to perform common site building tasks.

Presented by Edmund Turbin. Edmund is a London based Solutions Engineer at WP Engine originally from New York.  He has been building CMS based websites for over 10 years and has been involved in the media, publishing and ad tech industries.  His recent development work has contributed to the success of websites for Columbia University, the University of Surrey and Coty.  Edmund is passionate about front end development, making it easier to manage complex tasks via automation and building out next generation scalable systems for high traffic web properties.  When the laptop is closed, Edmund enjoys producing Tech House in the studio, cycling and traveling the globe with his family & kids…… Follow him @spicecadet

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