Anthony Budd is a WordPress expert with 6 years of experience, 1 premium plugin and 5 open source projects built to give WordPress application-like functionality: WP_Model, WP_AJAX, WP_Route, WP_Mail and WP_Cron. He has 3 years of experience with Laravel building MVPs, Applications and APIs. He is a certified AWS Practitioner, with 3 years of experience working with AWS.

Anthony is a self-employed IT / Business Consultant and PHP developer. Currently available for hire.

Anthony Budd
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WordPress London Meetup WPLDN

Anthony Budd's Talks:

All-in-one GDPR

We'll be looking at the development process and the problems solved by our compliance toolkit to help your ...

WP_Model, synthetic ORM for WordPress (Part 1)

I have made an ORM for WordPress, before you roll your eyes at that statement I have built ...
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