Dan is a WordPress Engineer @ Human Made, who has been known to talk about WordPress Customiser, using WordPress for eSports, and Web Sockets, but not always in that order.

Dan Westall
Follow on Twitter: @danwestall_
WordPress London Meetup WPLDN

Dan Westall's Talks:

Leveraging the Customizer for Big Media

The Customizer is one of the most powerful parts of WordPress, its a great tool for users, and ...

Websockets + WordPress = Magic

WordPress and Websockets what type of dark magic is this? The darkest, with the power of WordPress and ...

Accessibility Panel – June 2015

A LeanCoffee style panel discussion covering accessibility and vulnerability within WordPress.

Tips and tricks for using WordPress as an application platform

Dan Westall (http://www.dan-westall.co.uk/) will share tips and tricks for using WordPress for application prototyping, covering recommended plugins and ...

Using WordPress for eSports

A few months ago Dan and a few others started http://exodusesports.com. They used WordPress, which allowed us to ...
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