Diane is a freelance WordPress Theme and plugin developer. She specialises in bespoke WordPress plugins and themes and is passionate about creating beautiful, responsive, user friendly designs.

Diane loves developing with WordPress and being part of the amazing, inclusive and friendly WordPress community.

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Speakers Website: http://dianewallace.co.uk/
Follow on Twitter: @_dianewallace
WordPress London Meetup WPLDN

Diane Wallace's Talks:

Promote Your Business Through Public Speaking

With the likes of WordCamp London 2019 and many other open-source events currently looking for speakers, developing your ...

Splitting Shipping based on shipping class in WooCommerce

Up until WooCommerce 2.1, each order had to be shipped via a single method with a single price. ...

Accessibility Panel – June 2015

A LeanCoffee style panel discussion covering accessibility and vulnerability within WordPress.

Cacheing WordPress with .htaccess

A lightning talk discussing WordPress cacheing using the .htaccess file.

Where’s The One Click Install?

Lot's of web hosts now offer one-click installation of WordPress, but what if your chosen host doesn't, or ...
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