Graham is a Web Accessibility Consultant for his own company Coolfields Consulting. He work with organisations to help them improve the accessibility of their websites – testing the websites for accessibility, and advising the designers and developers on how to fix issues found. He has also written detailed training courses on accessibility for developers which he presents on a regular basis.

He’s also a WordPress developer, and I’ve built many accessible WordPress websites for clients.

Graham Armfield
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Graham Armfield's Talks:

What have the new HTML5 elements ever done for accessibility?

Ten years ago the HTML5 proposition saw the light for the first time. HTML5 introduced new and extended ...

Useful Accessibility Tools

A look at a selection of some useful free tools that help ensure accessibility of websites. The tools ...

Obscure WordPress Functions That Are Actually Quite Useful

A lightning talk given by Graham Armfield titled "Obscure WordPress Functions That Are Actually Quite Useful"

Happiness Bar – Dec. 2015

Looking for advise regarding WordPress?  Want to chat with the community about a concept you have?  Have an ...

Accessibility Panel – June 2015

A LeanCoffee style panel discussion covering accessibility and vulnerability within WordPress.

Handling User Generated Content in WordPress

Getting lots of content into a site can increase the scope of the site, user engagement, and maybe ...
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