Mike is the co-founding developer of WordPress, the website building software that powers more than 23% of the web. He started it in 2003 with Matt Mullenweg and went on to work with a small band of volunteer developers to build and improve the software. WordPress is now developed by a huge world-wide community.

He now runs zed1.com, his WordPress specialist company providing web development, training, and consultancy services.  He is a long-term software developer with many programming languages, many disciplines, and many years under his belt.  He lives in Stockport, UK with his family.

Mike Little
Speakers Website: https://mikelittle.org/
Follow on Twitter: @mikelittlezed1
WordPress London Meetup WPLDN

Mike Little's Talks:

Running Multiple WordPress sites under NGINX

Some details of how I run multiple separate WordPress installations under NGINX on one VPS or dedicated server.
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