Ric has worked in linux and windows administration/architecture for over 10 years. Previous roles have included working at ticketmaster and channel 4 television, both very high load environments. He now runs his own consultancy and managed service business Ngineered ltd where he deals with a very varied array of clients. During his time at channel 4 Ric lead the new media team who were responsible for deploying all the microsites to support TV shows and series, this resulted in over 200 new sites per year, many of which were WordPress.

Ric Harvey
Speakers Website: https://ngineered.co.uk/
Follow on Twitter: @ric__harvey
Follow on Github: https://github.com/richarvey
WordPress London Meetup WPLDN

Ric Harvey's Talks:

Using AWS to super charge your WordPress site and scale to 100,000s of users

The talk will be about how to scale WordPress in Amazon web services and which plugins help you ...
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