WordPress for SEO Haters

SEO is a dirty word, tarnished by years of bad practice and self-defined 'gurus'. But should it be ...

Creating Localised User Experiences with GeoIP

The Internet has made the world a much smaller place. Your website can reach practically anywhere on Earth. ...

SEO for WordPress

A lightning talk covering SEO for WordPress.

Use WordPress to Find Clients

Rob Cubbon discusses how he uses WordPress to find clients.

Handling User Generated Content in WordPress

Getting lots of content into a site can increase the scope of the site, user engagement, and maybe ...

Let’s move it!

Migrating WordPress sites, from server to server, or from domain to domain, is a remarkably fraught experience. There ...

Google Publisher Plugin

Michael Smith will be discussing the Google Publish WordPress Plugin.

Writing blogs and articles – lessons from writing for newspapers

Peter Curtain gives a talk on writing blogs and articles, his lessons from writing for newspapers.

Content Discovery Re-imagined

Understanding reader's interests and appropriately tailoring your WordPress homepage for them.

Custom URL Rewrites

Darren Grant gives a 5 min. lighting talk on WordPress custom URL rewrites at the WordPress London Meetup.

Build a mobile theme to use with your WordPress site

Mobile website development is a hot topic at the moment. More and more users are accessing websites via ...

Ask the Experts!

Have a nagging question about WordPress? Not sure who to ask? No question is a stupid question, so ...
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