I am Steve Woody. I served for 6 years in the UK Army, specialising in communications. Back as a civilian, I spent years churning out mediocre websites and watching clients go nowhere. In my frustration, I began developing my own process for ensuring results, which led to Online Mastery.

WordPress London Meetup WPLDN

Events Online Mastery have supported:

WordPress London Meetup – Oct. 2015

Same venue, new room so keep an eye out for the orange signs when you arrive!  The room number will be on here when confirmed ...

WordPress London Meetup – Sep. 2015

Collaborating with teams through WordPress and asking ‘do we even need the admin interface?’ will be our focus this month.

WordPress London Meetup – Aug. 2015

UPDATE: The planned tube strike has now been suspended. Please be aware there is a planned tube strike impacting 27th Aug. so be sure to plan your journeys ...
Dan Maby
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