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Ever find yourself struggling to write your own copy, or getting it from your clients? Have you been asked, and even been tempted to handle social media for clients?

In just 30 minutes we will break down how to get past yours and your client’s blocks to create compelling copy that really gets results.

Sharing ItsNomad9’s proven system for getting information out of your’s or your client’s heads, down in writing, systemised and syndicated across a range of mediums including websites, and a wide variety of social media platforms.

The outcome of this talk is that you will no longer struggle to come up with ideas or to turn them into the compelling copy in your own unique style and voice.

This system will also help you to stay consistent in writing blogs, creating marketing and promotional copy & posting regularly to your various social media platforms.

The best part is, you already have everything you need to start implementing this straight away, in the room!

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Dan Maby
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