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If you’ve ever wanted to build something, anything, with the WordPress REST API but were not sure where to start or what to build, try making a plugin for a simple single page app like a quiz.

In this talk, I’ll go over the tools used and resources needed for me to learn enough to make a simple quiz plugin using the WP REST API and React having never used either before. I’ll spend some on the pain points (spoiler: not WP REST API related), what just worked, what needs to be improved and what I still need to learn. This is not a how-to talk, it’s more of a you-could-do-this-too-so-go-for-it talk meant to inspire you to try it for yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Making a simple quiz plugin using React and the WP REST API”

  1. Are there any slides to make this plugin for practice? Or was this like an assignment for you guys?

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